Creating The Extraordinary

For Those Who Expect The Best

Robert Bellamy

The Pavéction brand was born out of a desire to create jewellery of world leading excellence.  Starting in the workshops of Australia, I learned the foundations of the jewellery trade and then travelled to Europe to learn the highly specialised art of precision setting. Having established myself as one of Australia’s finest setters, I have now broadened my offerings to include my first curated, Signature Bellamy Collections.

- Mr. Robert Bellamy, Director & Master Craftsman
Brisbane Atelier

Escape the busy crowds and discover our private Atelier, located in the heart of the Brisbane CBD, which boasts an onsite state-of-the-art workshop alongside our comfortable design studio. We welcome you to join us for a cold refreshment, and immerse yourself in the world of jewellery as our experts take you through an illuminating journey unlike any other. It is our mission to uphold a cultured environment where your creativity is nurtured and transformed in to the jewellery pieces of your dreams.

At Pavéction, we are as passionate about our client’s jewellery needs and desires, as we are about the quality of our products and the standard of service that we deliver. Each design that we create is made with meticulous attention to detail, and our approach to our clients is the same. Each design consultation is based on the premise of being client-centred, to ensure our clients not only feel welcome and heard, but ultimately delighted with their custom crafted pieces.


We believe that sustainability, at the core of everything we do, makes our business greater. We are committed to conducting business conscientiously and responsibly, ensuring a positive impact on the communities that we operate within. Here are a few ways that we are contributing:

Our Feature Diamonds

Our Feature Diamonds are sourced with care. We are proud that all of our Feature Diamonds include documentation containing information about the origin of the gemstone, from the moment it is unearthed, throughout its journey to a polished gemstone. We are passionate about providing “conflict free” diamonds to our clients, in our commitment to protect human rights and the environment.

Our People

We consider our employees, communities and consumers to be our people. We prioritise diversity and cultivate inclusive environments. We align with, and support charities that help our communities. We foster growth to meaningfully and positively impact our people.

Inspired By Your Stories

We are dedicated to creating extraordinary pieces, that are crafted to last a life time. We understand that extraordinary has a different meaning to everyone, and that is reflected in our approach to the design and creation of your pieces. We tailor the Pavection experience to you, and work with you to create one-of-a-kind pieces that capture your unique story.